KTM OEM Protection

Frame protection set


Reliably prevents damage to the powder coating by dirt, crashes or the rider’s boots. Also protects trousers and boots from burns on the exhaust side.

Front brake disc guard


Very practical: The intelligent fitting system with a central adapter replaces the spacer sleeve on the wheel axle and allows the tire to be changed, brake to be serviced, etc., without removing the brake cover.

Skid plate with quick-fastener


Never without one! KTM plastic skid plates combine many special qualities:
Manufactured using state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding technology
Made from special high-strength plastic
Revised, extremely tough fastening system
Developed for use in the toughest offroad terrain
Maximum protection at minimum possible weight
Precisely fitting design – specially developed for KTM models
Simple installation making use of a special quick-release mechanism
Removed in five seconds flat

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