KTM Prospect WFS Goggles by Scott


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The Scott Prospect WFS safety goggles are equipped with the same powerful features as the Prospect.

The WFS roll-off system ensures unobstructed visibility even in extremely muddy situations.

The canisters can be attached directly to the lens via works pins in a simple and time-saving manner. The assembly is completely effortless, since no tools are needed.

The change from roll-off to tear-off is also simplified and accelerated.

The improved, transparent anti-stick grip not only offers a larger field of view, but also simplifies the attachment of the container and the insertion of the disc, which is better sealed at the upper edge.




-container for Works 50 mm films
-Scott anti-stick grid with dirt trap
-lens lock System
-articulated outriggers
-3-layer molded face foam
-extra wide no-slip silicone strap

Lens Technologies:

Scott TruView single WORKS lens
NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment


-including two rolls of film
-microfiber goggle bag


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